Ability to control maximum Asset Transformation options

Peter Scoins (SBD) 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 4

We have a request from one of our largest businesses here at Stanley Black and Decker that we should be possible to request assets with up to 120% of original dimensions.

So For example, asset have 1000px width, 1000px height, 300dpi. It should be possible to request the asset with 1200px width, 1200px height, 300dpi

Currently, the maximum possible width and height are the original file dimensions of the asset.

Would be possible to set up a system where the solution is able to control the maximum dimensions that an asset can be resized too.

The idea here would be that you have a setting that allows you to specify a maximum resize percentage.

By default, this would be set to 100% so if a user was to order/download asset that originally is 3600x2400 to a size of 4320x2880 using resize custom action - it would do produces a file of 3600x2400 (like it does right now) - as the maximum file size it will deliver is 100% of the original.

By increasing this setting to 120%, if a user was to order/download asset using the resize agent to request an asset that originally is 3600x2400 to a size of 4320x2880, it will produce the file at 4320x2880 as this is within the maximum range for resizing.

If a user attempts to download an asset over the threshold, then it should be delivered at the threshold specified.

Orders / Sharing

We currently specifically don't allow upscaling as it is difficult to control quality. We will open this for voting to the larger community.

Use case would be for providing assets for websites for smaller retailers and for customers.

We want to control the resize maximums and the creative teams here believe 120% is the threshold before assets look too pixelated.

In Review

Can you please elaborate on the use case, e.g. what would be the goal to increase the size of the asset?