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Ability to attach files during chat board comments

Greg Milosovic 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 7 months ago 4

Requesters need the ability to attach a file (list of contacts, etc.) during the course of a project. E.g., a requester submits a form asking for a marketing email to be built and deployed. During the creation process, but before deployment, the requester receives new information about contacts who should or should not receive the email for various reasons. The most frictionless process would be for the requester to navigate to the chat board for that project or activity and attach a file with a note so the PM and Production resources see both the note and the attachment.

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Per Christine's comment below, would you see these only living in the Chatboard and access there (so more like posting an image into the thread) or should these be true "Attachments" on the Activity and if so then the user would have to set their type (since it could not be configured by the workflow in this case) and then these would be shown on the Activity Attachment list.

Given this, would it be better to allow a user to post a link in a chat to an already existing Activity Attachment, so that only users that are trained/trusted to add attachments to activities could add them on the list but then they could link to them in the chat?  Or is the use case that these are users that do not have the option to add an attachment to an Activity and so this is a way for them to do it without having a task assigned?

Also, would these truly be "Attachments" or should they be WIP DAM Assets?  It sounds like your use case is more an attachment and not a true creative deliverable that would be annotated and reviewed.  Is that correct?

Hi Eric,

You are correct that our use case is more about letting user attach files that help move a workflow forward to produce a deliverable, but the attached file itself is not the actual deliverable. E.g., a user requests an email be built and deployed to a particular segment of contacts. During the workflow, the requester has an update to the HTML file or the list of contacts. Without having to send the user a task, and without having to work offline via email, I'd like the requestor to have the ability to simply upload the latest file via chat. Our production resources could then see the chat and download the file before confirming that the change has been implemented.

Does that help?

I could see this becoming an issue with users sending files via chat and using it instead of the routed process.  If this option is supported, I'd like it to be an option that the System Administrators could turn off, if we won't want it for our users.

This would be fine as long as our end users know that any files attached in the Chatboard are not part of the routed materials for review.