Ability to tag a user in an annotation and send an alert prompting them to access the document and reply

Nicole Novack 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

Expand the utilization of annotation alerts by allowing users to tag another user to see a comment left on a document in the annotation viewer.  Annotation alerts are limited to status updates and only sent to original creator; however tagging a user is a more flexible and would meet more business needs

Tagging a user to see a comment after they dispose, such as a question.  This resolves a number of unanswered comments or vague comments which require offline discussion post review. 


@john.doe - Can you please confirm this is the latest data?

John.Doe replies: Yes, 2019 data has not been release

We discourage our end users from asking questions via annotations or reviews, so if this was implemented we would need a way for system admins to run off the ability.

Kathy - we also discourage it, however reality is we see it happen.  Suggested functionality is to try to make the process easier for these "real life" scenarios.

However, I fully agree that a feature flag would be helpful to allow customers to have the ability to choose if this feature is useful in their business.