The Task Inbox/Limited Sort Options

C Muth 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Alex Gregorio 2 months ago 1

The Task Inbox has limited sort options. I am requesting that the options be expanded. In the legacy Aprimo system home page, paused tasks are not visible until they are un-paused. In the Task Inbox, they still show up even in paused status. This is going to create a huge issue when my company’s busy season begins as there could easily be 50 or more paused tasks showing up in the Task Inbox. It’s going to be very time consuming to have to click on all of these paused tasks only to get a message that they are in paused status. If the paused tasks can be filtered out of the Task Inbox, it will go a long way towards efficiency.

More and more of our users who are piloting the new nav have expressed the need to have more sort options available within the inbox.