Link to View Contents of A Classification from Classification Field Group

Wingate Grant 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 1 year ago 3

In the Classification Field Group that shows which classification(s) an asset is tagged to, the blue text displaying the classification name(s) should be clickable and take the user to a page that displays thumbnail images of all assets included in the classification. This would be helpful when a user locates a file via the generic search when they don't know the name of the classification that the file is a part of. Currently, when the user clicks on the name of the classification, nothing happens, even though the name of the classification as it is displayed to the user, appears to be a hyperlink.

UX Classifications

We see this as a valid request, but we won't implement this in Assets anymore but will consider it for the new UI. We set the status as Shelved so other people can vote on it.