drag and drop directly to an attachment listed in the attachments section

Adam Henderson 1 year ago in Productivity Management 0

Some tasks only require a document upload, we have 100's like this. Wouldn't it be great if it worked like this;

1. You log into aprimo and see your task list on the home page

2. You notice you have some upload brief or first proof tasks and you can see all the extra info you need in the columns you've already selected that are appropriate to your role in this case designer or campaign manager. 

3. Now instead of clicking into the task wouldn't it be great if you could drag your attachment to the last listed there in your task list or just click a link to take you straight to the attachments section.  

4. Once you're in the attachments section then just drag your attachment to the attachment you want to add a version to.

5. Then return to the task list and close the task directly from the task list