project list card with filters

Adam Henderson 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Eric Teitsma 7 months ago 12

We'd like to propose a Project list card that you could filter, sort or group so that you can see projects Grouped by Activity. That would mean a lot less clicks for a user to get to the project they want to access. They currently have up to 5 clicks just to get to project details depending on the route you take.  

There will be a My Projects card releasing with 110. You will be able to use a quick search on that card to find projects inside an activity. The projects that will appear in your My Projects card will be projects in which you are the Project Manager. We have automatically filtered out projects in a Closed Status.

There will be enhanced paging on this card (rather than limiting you to the 25 items that you see on the other cards). The quick filter and sort on the card will also filter and sort against all results returned - again, not just the first 25. 

We will be switching out the other list cards to take advantage of the paging and filtering you'll see on the My Projects card. This switching should begin this quarter and you'll start seeing the updated cards.

This change does not address accessing the task worksheet directly from the My Projects card. Though you would be able to click on a result and be taken to the Details page of the project so you can access the Task Worksheet that way.

We are still discussing more enhanced filtering options, but as of right now that is not included on the new card.

Client of mine is also very interested in this, as of today, it takes a PM about 4 or more clicks to get to the worksheet or Task List. It would be nice to search by user/assignee. 

Adding on to this request:

A common request we are getting from users is to have a faster way to get to a project’s task worksheet, perhaps even directly from the Home Page if the user has the appropriate domain rights. These users are commonly going to a project’s task worksheet as a part of their process and providing a faster way to do this with fewer clicks would improve user satisfaction greatly.

A “project list” home page card with modern-grids type functionality that would enable the user to navigate directly to the Task Worksheet, like the mockup below:

Really like this layout, it's be great to see more functionality like this on the cards. The task card would also benefit from an update with the filters that were available on the old task list. 

Yes something like that would be FANTASTIC! A project list card that you could group by Activity would be the perfect one stop point of contact to get to all your project features, agile board, worksheet, etc etc. Coupled with a task list that you could group by project we'd have a much more agile tool!


Adding a Project List card to the Home page is one of the next cards under consideration for the home page.  However, I want to clarify Joe's comment below.  It would not be able to show a Task Title or Assignee column since each row in this card would be project and a project has many tasks.

Joe are you actually asking for something different?

I noticed that this card isn't categorized in Productivity Management and doesn't have any Tags.  If we can't change that, would it be better to resubmit the request so it can get some more eyes on it?

This is one of the biggest issues for us with the new navigation as having only the My Activities card prevents you from being able to manage multiple projects under one activity.  Additionally, rather than creating the card from the Projects data table and EAs, we would like to see it from the Workflow Task Assignee data table so that we could add the current "Task Title" and "Task Assignee" to the columns for project management purposes.  Losing the ability to effectively manage projects from the homepage via the loss of dashboards seems to be the greatest loss in functionality with transitioning to the new navigation.  We would expect this to be greatly improved by the time the new nav becomes a requirement.

Completely agree with Matt. A Project card including Task Title and Task assignee has been a frequent ask from our user base.