Chart Card column labels too small to read

Adam Henderson 9 months ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Eric Teitsma 3 weeks ago 3

When you create a chart, it would be great if you could adjust the font size of column labels. I think this would be done when creating the graph on the report, you'd just need to be able to select an appropriate size.  


We are discussing improvements around how the charts render on the home page.  We understand that in some cases the information does not fit well and is difficult to read.  However, there will always be limits on what can be shown and customers will need to be selecting chart types and filters on data to show information that can reasonable fit into a smaller window.

But we agree the example shown below could be improved.  The picture could be enlarged more and the fonts managed better on the labels, etc.  We are discussing options.

We would like to see this one as well.  As we try to replicate our homepage dashboards that we had in legacy experience, we are finding the charts in the cards in the new UX are illegible.