Bring back Designer 'Validate' and 'Promote To Production'

Mike Lewis 1 year ago in System Administration updated by Rachel Phillips 2 months ago 11

New Field Restyling moved the 'Validate' and 'Promote To Production' buttons to the 3 dot menu.  

As an Admin, I prefer to be able to see the status of my template as I am working on it.  Previously I could see this based on whether these buttons were black or grayed out.

You can leave the buttons in the 3 dot men if you have another way to show me the status.


New Field Restyling:

This change is complete and should be in PM release 125. Here's what it will look like now. Those options will no longer appear in the 3 dot menu.


We are going to put buttons back for "validate" and "promote" on the screen.  This change will be tied to the new workflow designer UX improvements FF.


Aprimo is looking at options to put a visual indicator of the state of the workflow design on the page as Dan has mentioned below.  There is not a specific target timeline on this currently but if we have updates in the workflow designer we can try to work this in at some point in the future. 

I agree here, at least some sort of indicator to let us know if we have validated and/or promoted the template yet. I think it would be fine if the buttons stayed in the 3 dot menu as long as we had that indicator. 


I can certainly see your point of view.  I would personally prefer the status to be indicated through something more akin to the Segmentation Designer, which has recently been updated within Aprimo Campaign as highlighted in the image below on the right of the toolbar, as I believe it is clearer than ascertaining through the usability of a button/link.  

Strongly agree!

Also, strongly agree!  Makes me question if it was even practically tested from a workflow designer's point of view.

AGREED!  It is hard enough to remember to Validate and Promote even when the buttons were right on the page in front of me!

Yessssss!!!  I agree!