Rest API assign users to roles

bart.theys 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Kathy Greene 1 year ago 2

In MP, users can only get assigned to roles (on activity/project level) via the user interface, and this is only supported for full users. There is an upcoming feature that will also allow contributors to also assign users to roles in a task. But still, in many cases the parameters entered in the request form (e.g. division, brand, type of activity, type of creation (photo vs video production),...) is already sufficient to determine who is responsible (e.g. by querying external data sources). It is often difficult for the contributor to find out exactly who is responsible for what (e.g. who is the designer responsible for video creations? who is the legal reviewer for brand X?).
This Voice request is to make it possible to assign users to roles on activity or project level via the MP REST API. After submitting a request form, a workflow can in that way use a webhook to determine responsibles users and assign them to the correct roles before continuing the workflow.

I know very little about Rest API but this sounds intriguing.

Currently we have a multiple select pick list that is used to assign a user to a specific role.  However, that role assignment is done via a workflow and several auto close tasks.  It is a very manual process for us whenever a new person is added to the pick list.  It sounds like it is possible that this could be a solution for us.

Wells Fargo is starting design work on a custom API integration.  @Aprimo: Please loop us in on any additional work around Roles.  Thanks!