Enhance custom notifications capability

Ivan 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Liz Guzman 1 year ago 2

1. Add the ability to link to the attachment in task notifications. This would make notifications more useful/flexible. This is a priority for one of our current customers.

2. Notification Design/Layout looks dated - out of sync with new Aprimo UI. Notifications are the primary touchpoint for most users, so it would be good to bring this up to date, and even offer the capability to customise the design.

It would be great to use our company's branding color and font vs the light blue color and Calibri font.

I fully agree, notifications look very technical and cannot be adapted to the corporate styling of the client.
In Aprimo DAM, it is already possible to fully customize the body of different notication emails as a html template (e.g. setting .emailOrderRecipientsTemplate), and use placeholders for variables & links. Would be great to have a similar flexibility in the administration=> system tools => notification management section (field 'Message') instead of the enforced old-school table styling.