Program Communications

Jonathan LaRose 1 year ago in Productivity Management 0

Communicating programs/campaigns across the company is a challenge. Getting teams to update the Program field isn't difficult however getting them to connect or just bring Program awareness across teams is very difficult. We tried to build a sub workflow that would allow anyone receiving an activity request to answer the question "Could this request require Team Collaboration?". If they said yes, the DCT would allow them to select multiple teams. The idea was to send notifications to those Activity Owners /Admins. The problem with this idea is that we would have to create a workflow for every team combination. That is an administrative nightmare. 

The request to Aprimo is to expand on the Program feature within the tool. Provide programming that helps organizations make the connections for Programs / Campaigns. It would be great if the receiver of an activity could tag potential stakeholders so the MRM can send configured notifications to those teams with links to the Activity. The stakeholders would then have the same lead time to Program / Campaign.