Enable rule that allows MDM metadata to be added to a DAM metadata template

Megan M 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Rachel Phillips 1 year ago 3

Our workflow processes capture many key DAM metadata fields over the course of a project. Brand, project number, related campaign, and lead agency are examples of fields that are captured far upstream before assets are even drafted. It would be useful for Aprimo to be able to capture some of this metadata into a template that the agency could use at the end of a workflow process, when they upload their files. That way, they wouldn't need to re-enter fields that they've already filled out in upstream forms. Re-entry of metadata is a pain point for our agencies, and this would help them out.

This is related to but not quite the same as a request from Diane Fournier, who wanted to pass information like run time from MDM to DAM.

Fields / Attributes Workflow

This work is complete and was released without a feature flag for configurable workflow customers in PM release 95.We support the following field definitions from DAM: text, classification list fields, option list fields, numeric, date/time, and user list. All customers using configurable workflow will see a new panel appear in the status actions and output ports of tasks in the workflow designer.

Based on your configuration for these fields you'll see the following operators: 

Depending on which operator you select, you'll be able to choose various values. 'Set to field' and 'Append from field' allow you to map to an extended attribute in PM. 'Set to value' and 'Append from value' allow you to enter free text.

You can collect the information in a task and then depending on how you configured in the workflow template it will transfer that metadata to to the assets.

One thing to note: Any information gathered on a task will transfer to all assets that are seen on the task.

In Progress

It is possible to push metadata gathered in the process down to the assets using output port configuration.So if the information is already available then the agency doesn't need to key it in anymore as the assets can automatically get this metadata. It's possible that some of this work is still behind feature flags or in the process or rolling out. I'll ask Rachel to comment on this.