Task Card in New Nav: Increase Number of Tasks

Maureen Monaghan 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Glenn Hom 7 months ago 11

As part of our regular business processes, users may have an average of 50 -100 in process tasks in queue.
Users regularly rely on the ability to see, filter and prioritize all of these tasks from the legacy Aprimo Home Page in the My Tasks section.

This existing functionality is critical, especially during our busy season, where users will have 100 in process tasks in queue.

Having a limit of only 25 tasks available in the Task Card impacts our productivity and ability to prioritize and process work.

This request is to increase the number of Tasks in the Task Card to 200.

While we understand that we can build a link from a User Link Card that will take users to their Tasks or navigate to the My Tasks from Project Management, these options add extra steps and clicks to the current, more efficient process.



Unfortunately for us, we just discovered this limitation recently and thought it was a defect that tasks were randomly missing from the My Task card view. For those who are not aware of this 25 task limitation, it is deceptive. Our vote is to expand the limit as well, but also to indicate on the card what this limit is so all users are aware. I know that the Task Inbox shows all tasks, but since the left hand cards still don't show Project Title, our Contributor Users have to scroll and click on every single task just to see the Project Title. This is unacceptable.

We are in the process of rolling out the New UI in the Digital side of LBG and have also had comments from users around this limitation. Asking them to go to 'My Tasks' just adds further clicks and then negates the benefit of the dashboard to a degree. If this limit could be increased it would help.

Hi Eric,

Please could this be revisited, and may you could consider making this a system parameter that sys admins can switch on or off e.g. if on it only shows 25, if off it shows all that meet the criteria.



Yes that sounds like a good option for those clients that don't want to display all. 

Our users get in excess of 25 tasks and have requested that this be increased too. We shouldn't be losing functionality with this new UI.

We are in a similar situation were a few of our high volume users could have 25 to 40 tasks at a time.  For these users filtering is difficult because they don't know when they are receiving tasks and they need to see the task title (7 different types of tasks) to determine whether it is a priority.  Not out of relm to ask them to sort by task title but  a scroll bar seems reasonable so the configuration of the home page can stay the same.  

Glad you agree Paul, did you ever use the old task list view? This allowed you to group tasks by project or activity and sort them using a filter all on your home page. It's similar to the task list that full users can have but it worked for contributors too. We'd really like to see that return in some form on the homepage. 


I struggle with this ask.  Showing a user a card with a list of 200 tasks does not seem manageable.  If the task I need to work is not in the top 10 - 20 tasks in the list is the user really going to scroll down a list inside a smaller card on the home page looking for something?  Or would they do a filter to find it.  Because if you filter your list using the quick filters on the top of the card, we do a NEW API call to the database to return the top 25 tasks that match the new filter.  So if the task was not in the 25 currently showing but you do a filter it will get found and be added to the list of 25 tasks.  If a user really wanted to see a full list with 200 hundred tasks the better user experience is the My Tasks list page because you get the entire screen dedicated to just that list of information so you can see more rows, more columns, etc.

First of all i should have explained that the users we have that get over 100 tasks are designers, they're contributor users and therefore do not have access to the my tasks list page, if they could get access to that or if the my tasks list page could appear on the home page and replace the task list card then that would solve the problem. I think it's interesting what you say about the filter, if would also be good if we could do a quick search and then it return results for tasks assigned to their team matching that search, at the moment however it only searches the most recent tasks that are showing on the task list card.

This has been highlighted this week when a user couldn't see a task that came in urgently in their task card. Our designers use the task card as it gives a great summary of work with lots of columns unlike the task inbox. Would be great to see the limit increased beyond 100. 

Fantastic idea. We too really need to be seeing more tasks here. Our designers pick work from a pot and there can often be 100 plus tasks available. It would also be good to be able to sort and group the tasks by Activity. You could do this in the old nav so this actually feels like a step backwards now we've upgraded.