Ability to configure if metadata "panels" are automatically collapsed/expanded for videos

Zack Davis 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 1 year ago 2
When in view or edit mode of a video asset, the metadata panels are collapsed by default, except for the first one (reordering the panels in the setting .assetStudioRecordFieldView confirmed that it's always the first panel that is automatically expanded). A user needs to click to expand each panel in order to view or edit the metadata within that panel. This experience is different from viewing a non-video asset, in which all panels are expanded by default. The request here is to give admins the ability to configure if a metadata panel should be expanded or collapsed when opening an asset. This way the experience for both video and non-video assets is the same. 


This behavior was designed to make the most prominent fields visible by default, but we will take this request into consideration for the new UI. We don't plan to change this behavior in AssetStudio anymore.