Media Engine conversion formats for Audio and Video file types

Adam Asar 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 2

We are looking at Aprimo to put below file format conversion into their future DAM product releases so that we can satisfy our customers' use cases.

Audio format

WAV to MP3, AIFF from MP3 – WAV and AIFF are typically our masters, and most people consume audio files as MP3s. We want to save our masters but allow users to download in their preferred format.

Video formats

AVI to MP4. AVIs can be masters, and they are also a recommended long-term preservation format for things like meetings. However, MP4s are the most popular user format. We want to save preservation masters but allow users to download MP4s.

attached charts shows that only AVI to MP4 (in green) is possible and the rest  (in red) are not. We will be looking from Aprimo to enable other format conversions.

File Types

We currently have no plans to reinstate the video conversion you are asking for because these file formats are not guaranteeing compatibility with modern browsers and applications. We see the world standardizing on MP4. 

We also have had no other requests to convert audio. 

Therefore i'm leaving this up for voting.