SaaS API returns facet options in lowercase if field type is Text List

Peter Scoins (SBD) 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 2

The ability for the Rest API to return Facet Options in the correct case as provided by the UI.

Joris checked with your engineering group and this was a design decision they made (because of scalability, performance and some other considerations). So this is considered working as expected and this behavior cannot be configured/controlled right now. He also understood that it might be a significant change to support it.

However, we have certain Text List Items that need to be written in a specific way - an example would be DeWalt (trademarked as DᴇWALT) - We would need to have this written as DeWalt in the facet.

Could it be possible to make this configurable via the rest API, if the user selects to use this then they need to be aware of the performance issues that may come with this.


The challenge with this is indeed the gouping. If all is lowercase than grouping search result is easy. If we take casing into account then DeWALT and DEWALT will be different search items. We have plans to extend the tag filter that it can support uppercase first letter words, but having a capital in the middle of the word is difficult to solve in a performant way indeed. So you'll get half way with the new text list field solving use cases where the first character or all characters can be uppercase. This won't answer the DeWalt problem.

If you store the brands as classifications, then it is not a problem.

We are also working on a classification list tag facet, which might cover your needs.