Ability to run SQL query and result through Rest API

Karthik Balakrishnan 1 year ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 1 year ago 4

We had XMLGateway before REST API and Report API, in that we will be able send sql queries and it will return results.
We want to see the same functionality in Report API or in Rest API.

It will be very helpful, when we build our own in-house BI solutions. It will reduce the effort of creating/modifying objects and reports, every time we need a change in existing object or report or if there is a NEW EA introduced in workflow and eventually in reports as well.

Today if we want to an in-house BI solution we need to create a MPM report.
create same Column Structure table in internal DB. if there is any EA addition or small requirement change or column addition needed, then we need to do all the work once again. Create new MPM object, recreate the MPM report with new object. Change the Database table columns structure.
So this is not really reducing our work. Increasing our work.
If we have the ability to query the DB through REST API or Report API, then we can change our query from our in-house BI solution that will be enough to accommodate the changes.

XML Gateway solution we had

Yes, Tarun. That will help in building MPM reports in Aprimo.

We going to have in-house BI as  long term solution. For that we are looking for this information.


Hi Karthik,

We are still committed to doing the enhancement that lets you edit existing SQL views, which will greatly reduce your overhead when you want to add an EA to an existing report output. With that enhancement, you should be able to solve for your use case without excessive configuration work. 


Hi Tarun

Do you have any update on this?


Hi Karthik,

The plan to address this is still to tackle the ability to edit custom SQL for reports, so it mitigates the work required to do basic changes to queries such as adding more EAs to a custom SQL report. At this point will not be pursuing an enhancement to run SQL through the REST API.