Create new Forecast Edit domain right

Ben Mason 1 year ago in Spend Management updated by Mark Weissman 7 months ago 5

With an Activity Forecast Edit domain right it would be possible to separate this function and better manage the users who are responsible for Forecasting.

Use Case 1: The responsibility of Activity maintenance is shared and Forecasting is specific to certain operational teams or specific user groups – separate from other financial editing or maintenance. Controlling who can and cannot Edit Forecasts in this way provides better separation of duties and helps regulate this potentially confusing and tedious task.
Use Case 2: Isolating Forecast Edit allows for better management of Forecast maintenance during critical Forecast windows, allowing the temporary inactivation of this user group ensures that Forecasts are not continually edited while allowing other financial maintenance to continue.


This feature is now released.

This is now on the roadmap for early 2020.


Would this domain right also apply to Activity Proposals that are in still in Draft, or that doesn't matter as much?