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Change Task List view - no need to view all tasks in the system after entering Task List from Communication option

Antoni 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Trista Oliva 6 months ago 3

As an admin I am entering "Task List" multiple times during the day. Each time I am waiting for around 12-15 seconds until task list will be ready to filter required information out of it (eg. tasks which are connected with specific Activities).

When clicking on the Task List from the Communication option, the Task List starts out with no filter thereby taking a long time to load because it loads ALL tasks in the system.

It would be beneficial to show "Filter Tasks" window instead of loading all tasks at once - it would be less time-consuming and more accessible solution for admins.

NOTE: Mainly we don't use quick filtering functionality for tasks - it takes lots of time, when we need to filter via multiple criteria.

We have encountered this problem as well. Yes, the list does persist with the previous filter, but here are two scenarios where users could encounter long load times:

1. The first time a user pulls up the list.

2. User clears their filter with the intent to create a new one (best practice is to modify the existing filter but sometimes people forget)

Long load times are exacerbated by people working from home who do not usually, and don't have the bandwidth in their home office that they have in their workplace. 

It would be cool if it was like the reports page - where you can save a report before the report renders - have the ability to filter before the list renders. Or perhaps a superfilter controlled by a system parameter where you can determine a max number of records that renders w/o a user-applied filter.

In Review

Sorry for not circling back on this sooner.  Not sure why it was missed.

Are you "clearing" your filter each time after you bring up the Task List page?  Aprimo persists your last filter on a list and applies it each time you return.  Are you not seeing it retain your previous filters?

Hi Eric, 
We enter Workflow Management - Tasks to search for tasks. Mainly, each time we enter Tasks we are searching for new records - we need to set a new filter. Task list loading time is longer(more than 10 seconds) than in case of other lists, eg. Activity List. After the task list is loaded, we still need to enter Advanced Filter and modify the search criteria. This process is very time-consuming. It is affecting our performance when, for example, we are in a need to export different sets of tasks (eg. while inactivating users).
We thought that having Advanced Filter opened as a first screen in Tasks may help us reduce the time needed to search in Task List.