Support Acrobat Acrobat Reader for Offline Reviews

Matt Clarke 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Mike Lewis 1 year ago 2

Hi there,

In the past, the ability to synchronise comments between Aprimo with Adobe Acrobat was possible with "Reader". This feature now requires Acrobat Standard or above. Many review users will not have standard, so I would like request that we support Acrobat reader too. Acrobat reader users can view Aprimo annotations, but the synchronise comments back to Aprimo doesn't work.

Also, help just specifies "Adobe Acrobat" is required and the plug-in still installs with Reader, but you receive an error when attempting to synchronise.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Cheers, Matt

Similar to the anonymous user that is coming to Work Request / Job Starter, I would love to see Aprimo allow an 'anonymous annotator' removing the dependency on Adobe Acrobat altogether.  We spend a lot of time supporting the PDF Sync java script.

There is a related CS case to this request: CS0015806