User specific default task inbox sort

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Monash University asked me to log this feature request on their behalf, but also as a user, I would like this as well:)

I always change my task inbox sort from Due Date Descending to Assigned Date Ascending to see what has been recently assigned, as I already know most of the time what is due.   What I want to know, when I login to the task inbox, is what new tasks are out there for me to pick up.  

We get so many emails, and are working multiple tasks,  so the task assignment email is often forgotten or lost in the list. It would be nice to have a user specific task inbox default sort feature that I could set, as I am always going in an changing it every time I enter the inbox.


Hi Christine - the team and I looked at your video and discussed this today.  You are changing the filter after opening the Task inbox in another tab, and then closing that tab.  If you close the original tab first then your settings will hold in that (previously second) tab.  I have attached a video. TaskInboxFilters

Hi Amelia - Yes, it does work that way only.  But If I have successfully changed it in the original tab, then later open up the Task Inbox into another tab, it reverts back to the original setting.  It should persist once you have changed it in the original tab and then going forward no matter how you open the Task Inbox later.  Whether it be in the original tab or another tab.

Our users have the option to open up the Task Inbox in those various ways and would expect this to function seamlessly.

How do other clients expect this feature to work?

Hi Christine, 

I think I was so focused on the fact that you were changing the filter in new tab and not seeing it persisted that I didn't see the forest for the trees - I'm sorry.  You are right - when I apply a quick filter to a list page and open it in another tab I do see the filter choices persisted and it should be true of Task Inbox as well. I am going to make an internal defect for the team and will follow up in this thread.  Some of these days seem very long - thanks for hanging with me on this.


Thanks for the feedback Amelia.  I'm with ya on seemingly long days.

Hi Christine.  I'm sorry if I missed your video.  I see that you pointing out the fact that the filters are not persisted when opening the Task Inbox in another tab. I do see the selections persisted if you are working within the original login tab.  I will talk to the team about it and get back to you about this.

Hi Christine. I cannot recreate that.  I set the sort, navigate to another item come back... it is the same.  Then log out and back in and it is set the same.  What steps are you taking?  Thanks.


I open the Task Inbox.  Change the Sort field to Assigned Date Ascending click on a task then log out of the Task Inbox.  When I come back into the Task Inbox, it opens as Sort = Due Date Descending.

This does not appear to be persisting.  I've set it various ways, closed the Task Inbox and open it back up.  It goes back to the native sort of Due Date Descending.

We have completed this request.  The filter, search and sort settings in Task Inbox are persisted as part of R112.  

In Progress

The Task Inbox is being updated to persist the users last set Filter, Sort and Search settings.  This is in development and should release soon.  Currently targeted for r111.

We would love to have the persist functionality for this.  Persist works in all other sorts, why not here too.

We have had the same request from multiple users as well. I would love to have the filtering ability expanded. 

We have had multiple users with the same request to have the ability to set a default sort in the task inbox, they have multiple tasks listed and it makes sense for them to see the most recent.  

Yes, persisting the sort would be very helpful.


Rather than having a user set a default sort, can we just persist your last sort selection.  So once you change it to something else we remember your last sort selection and the next time you open the Inbox it loads that same sort again.  This is our standard approach in many cases already so it would be consistent.

I think a persistent sort selection in the Task Inbox would be a great enhancement.