Log in as option for troubleshooting

Aimee Riley 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by katie.tierney 1 year ago 5

Due the the ability to have so many groups that users can fall into with different security features it can make it challenging to troubleshoot.  It would be very helpful to have a feature where an admin can "log in as" a specific user so they can see exactly what they are seeing and determine if there is an issue or if it is operator error.  I have seen this feature work in our applications in our company and it has been huge for troubleshooting and for training.  I can also see this as a huge help for Aprimo's Service Now team.  It could eliminate a lot of back and forth screen sharing and time.

Nord Anglia also has this request, but understand that this is not a priority at the moment.

I agree with Aimee, currently to test new configurations or trouble shoot, I have a secondary account that I have to constantly change and manipulate to satisfy various scenarios.  


We currently have no plans to implement impersonation.

That is unfortunate there are no plans for impersonation.  This would help us and Aprimo service team in so many ways as was explained in the Voice request.