Bulk editing records throws validation error that does nothing

Aimee Riley 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 2

When bulk editing records I see an error on the top of the page that says required fields need to be filled out before I can successfully complete the bulk edit. However, this validation is not enforced. I am able to leave the required fields blank and save my bulk edit.

Repro steps:

- Select multiple records in DAM

- On the bottom nav bar click More > Edit Records

- See attached error on the top of the page

- Don't fill out the required fields

- Save

Feedback from Aprimo Support: 

"Reason why the validation error doesn't trigger on save is because the fields are not being edited, so all the fields retain their original value and remain valid. On the other side, we agree this is not a good User Experience and validation should not be triggered. We have further internally concluded that a potential fix might have a large impact on other functionalities around bulk edit."

UX Fields / Attributes Ingestion / Upload

We have heard this before and we will redesign validation handling when editing as this functionality migrates to the new DAM UI