Activity Request List - Work Request List Still shows request After Being Rejected

Monika Pickard 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Kathy Greene 1 year ago 1

Work requests/Activity Request list - Requests have been rejected and no longer appear on the list of the person who rejected it.  However still shows on the list of other reviewers.  We need any rejected not to appear on the Work requests/Activity request list.   It makes it confusing for other reviewers.   The voting style is set up as Single.

I think what is needed for Work Requests reviews is a "First To Vote" style like workflows.  This would mean whether it was rejected or approved the work request would be completed and either really rejected or the activity created if approved.  As it is now you have to remove the other reviewers for an rejected item to move the work request to rejected status.  This issue is the same for proposals also.