Allow new Work Request Forms to be saved prior to all required fields having input

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Alyssa T. 6 months ago 5

Currently, all required fields must have something input for a Work Request Form to be able to be saved as a draft. Frequently, our users don't have all the information on hand when they start a request and need to be able to input the data they do have on hand, save a partially completed form as a draft and come back to complete the form later. As a workaround they are forced to put junk data (a period, N/A etc.) in all required fields to allow them to save the form. This creates the risk of those fields not being updated prior to the Work Request being submitted. We would like the ability to save Work Requests as a draft, even if a required field (or multiple required fields) is empty.

This would be incredibly helpful for our Marketers/Requestors at Red Hat as well!

Franklin Templeton also has one group of users that input mass amounts of work requests on a regular basis, saves it but does not submit it until about a month later.  This would be useful for us too.

This would be helpful!  I have lost my work on a number of requests, when I go to look up information on a previous/similar request and I don't remember to right click and open a new tab.


We could probably allow this for Extended Attributes but there a few base attributes that are required and because those fields do not allow NULL in the database we need something to store in order to save the record.

Are the required fields your referring to EAs?

Thanks Eric - I am referring to EAs. Users typically need to save forms prior to completing them fully because they do not have all the information on hand. The user should always have enough information to fill out base attributes (otherwise they shouldn't be initiating a request yet) so the missing information will always be EA data.