Archiving (Sunsetting) of assets into lower cost storage.

Rachel 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Adam Asar 1 year ago 4

Working with historical videos and imagery, I would appreciate the ability to archive older files into a lower cost storage option (that would take longer to access).

Use Case: Helping to manage costs, if I have an archive of 50 years of content, I only need the past 1 year readily accessible for download.  The rest is merely for archival purposes and look-back featurettes.  If my team of editors is tasked with creating a retrospective for the 50th anniversary, I want to be able to find those assets via their metadata and previews, and then request them for download.  I am completely comfortable waiting a period of time as projects that require older files are virtually never last minute endeavors. 

Configuration Maintenance

This is going to be a paradigm shift if Aprimo puts into the roadmap, especially if companies trying to bring their original, hi-res, editable assets from agencies into Aprimo DAM to store and re-purpose. 

I am working with a prospect right now and they have requested the exact same requirement. They are storing very large video files, along with many image files, and do not want to delete older assets but would like to minimise the cost of storing them using an option such as storage. Would be great if perhaps the cold storage could be triggered by a rule, so based on usage dates or by adding to a specific classification, the cold storage could be triggered.


Let's see what the community thinks.