New Navigation: option to configure the main navigation column & push out main navigation templates

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Eric Teitsma 12 months ago 4

Rather than having the options on the main navigation column in the new UI driven by domain rights, we would like to be able to configure the column as administrators and push out custom configuration/templates to our users. We currently have some menu options that users never have to use displayed.


This was an intentional design change that was made when switching to the new navigation model.  What is the harm in a user seeing a few navigation items they not use very often or at all.  It is very common in most applications for users to see navigation item they may not need to use.  But if their role requires them to have the functional right that corresponds with the navigation item they should see it.

If we allowed this again, then as admins you will have to manage lots of various navigation menu configurations for all your different combinations of users/roles in the system which you are already doing with security groups and domain rights.  It is a lot of dual maintenance to be able to hide a few navigation items.  Another item that has to be tested all the time, maintained as the business changes, etc.

We would definitely welcome this at Lloyds.

Is there any news on this? Thanks

Feedback from Chanel is they are interested also in this item - more votes expected.


We would also welcome this functionality as it is currently used in the old style interface. 

One example of where a domain right is assigned but yet we do not need the menu item appearing is for Reports/Insights. The users currently have dashboards that include reports and yet they do not need direct access to the menu item. In the new interface we may well want to setup cards with links to reports but again the users does not need the Insights menu access.