New Navigation: option to access DAM (New UI) instead of asset studio

bart.theys 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated by petra.tant 1 month ago 4


The navigation menu in the new UI is pretty static (based on domain rights). A contributor has a single menu item "Aprimo DAM Assets", a full user has a submenu (Digital Asset Management) with two items "Launch Assets" and "Launch Central". Is it possible you make this more consistent? 

  • Align item names ("Aprimo DAM assets" vs "Launch Assets")
  • Can you remove direct access to the old ADAM Central studio for full users? It is not needed and confusing. The central studio is a concept of the old ADAM paradigm, but now Marketing productivity replaces the "Central" role.
  • We want to engage our users to start using the new DAM UI. Unfortunately we cannot configure the url that is behind the  "Aprimo DAM Assets" navigation links.

DAM UX Home Page Workflow

Nord Anglia would like the new UI / Aprimo DAM Assets to be their Preferred homepage as well.

Additionally, since the recent introduction of edit capabilities in the new UI, it would also make sense that workflow users can be directed to the new UI from their workflow tasks (e.g. when clicking 'details' on an attached Aprimo DAM assets)

Agreed. As an administrator I would also like to be able to restrict a users to only the Assets Studio or only the New DAM UI (or both) and have users automatically redirected to the New DAM UI after logon.