Support for other field datatypes in the "Set field value"-RuleAction

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Laura Fu 6 months ago 7

As an administrator I would like to be able to use other datatypes than Text in the "Set field value"-RuleAction 

Rules / Actions

My most pressing datatypes to add would Be Option Lists Then User lists/User Group Lists.  My use case for this is to be able to configure more dynamic Facets for users to filter through when searching.  Text fields have been left off of available Facets for the New UI for good reasons, but handicaps our ability to update facets with logic built in Rules

Similar to Joris' use case, the first field I wanted to use with this functionality would be Assets Status.  When my Expiration Rule activates I would like to change an Active Status Option List field from Active to Expired.  I currently have it set as a text Field so it can be used in Asset Studios, but it is not the correct Long Term solve.

I also have a use case for updating user lists for email notification purposes.  We are still aligning on our internal process for responsible users/user groups, but I have a vision to update a notification list per asset based on category/hierarchy information filled in and sent to the DAM via the PM workflow.  Based on this input, I would have a rule set the appropriate users/user groups to enter into a notification List field so the proper users receive the proper notification all through built in system logic.


Valid request, however based on real use cases we will prioritize/select which fields we will take on next. Probably date and datetime fields are indeed the most urgent ones to add.

We had a use case today where it would've been helpful to have the datetime field available. I'd vote for date and datetime fields as the more urgent field types in our environment.

Can you elaborate on the customer projects for which you see these use cases? 

In Review

Can you provide more detailed use cases?

For example:

  • Instead of applying a watermark or reclassifying an asset, I want to update a field "Status" of datatype "OptionList" when an asset expires
  • When an asset is linked into a classification named "Archive" I want to set a field "Archive Date" of datatype "Date"