Enhanced expense hierarchies and security permissions

Jessica Ng 1 year ago in Spend Management updated by Mark Weissman 1 year ago 1

Cascade/Filter specific expense categories based on alignment to activity or funding account down to L3 levels (e.g. Activity (Marketing Project 1)->Budget Category (Video & Production)->Budget Filter (Digital Marketing). 

Clients have multiple expense hierarchies with similar naming convention that cross activities (e.g. Activity (Marketing Project 1)->Budget Filter (Digital Marketing), Activity (Marketing Project 2)->Budget Filter (Digital Marketing)) but expense categories are specifically linked financially to an activity. If a user views a list of expense categories, they would week Digital Marketing 2x on the list without indication of which activity that expense category is linked to.

Additionally, there are needs around security access set for expense categories based on those who have access to activites (e.g. Interns vs Marketing Managers) in order to select the correct expense category when submitting a PO.


This feature, as requested, would be very difficult to configure and make generally applicable to customers due to its multi-dimensional nature, and the fact that Activities can be multi-funded. There are other solutions that may achieve many of the same requirements, perhaps using external processes.