Allow versioning on Review Tasks to be at the Task Level (similar to Simple Steps…Not a Domain right

Karthik Balakrishnan 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

Business Case: At this moment not ALL review tasks should allow the ability to upload a new version, but at the moment if you grant a user the domain right then it allows versioning on any review step. This is against our business requirement, as not all review tasks should allow versioning. Requirement: We need versioning setup at the task level , similar to how simple steps are configured. Without this ability we are forced to use a simple step for reviews (which is not ideal) and requires new EAs at the project level.

Business Case

  • What: Allow certain users on specific review/voting tasks in certain workflows to upload a new version of an asset in the “Review Materials” section of a task.
  • Why: Per Citi business processes, users are required to vote on the supplied asset and add additional information to the asset. Use case example: User is reviewing a request document and needs to provide a vote. In addition, the reviewer is required to add additional information to the asset in order for the asset to be finalized and for the process to move forward.
  • Current configuration approach for adding a new version of an asset on a review task is to enable the feature via a domain right. This approach grants “add a new version” access to more users than their role requires. The current configuration does not allow the “add a new version” feature to be configured at the user and task level.
  • Current Configuration Risk:
  • Granting access to 400+ users to have this ability when only less than 5% percent of these users actually need the ability. Since the feature can be used system wide regardless of the workflow or task this represents a significant control issue for the business.
  • The feature cannot be configured at the task level. This can lead to control/compliance issues when a user can upload a new version when it is not required. There remains a risk for users to upload a new version of a document when it is not required or appropriate. For example, users could make changes on their local copy and upload the file as new version instead of using the Annotation Viewer, introducing risk for PM and other reviewers. Only tasks with MS Office based documents need the ability to add new version but not all tasks. Hence, there is greater need to exercise this control at a task level rather than at domain right level.

Below shows the desired consistency of Version control on simple tasks vs review steps: