In Value Split Tool keep Cell List if existing criteria value is added, changed, or dropped.

Keith M 1 year ago in Campaign Management updated by Greg Hennessy 7 months ago 4

Currently, if we change anything in the criteria tab of the value split tool, then the Split Value tab cell list is rebuilt and we lose all the cell, offer, and treatment assignments. This can become tedious when small changes like changing a value or adding a new value can cause massive rework.


The value split now retains the cell codes, offers, and treatments if a criteria value is added or dropped. It does not rebuild the matrix with any minor change to the values.The cell list will change if a new line of criteria is added or a line dropped.

After some rework internally, this is code complete and is scheduled for the next release. Watch this space for the Done.


In a future release, the cell codes and assignments will be retained in the Split Values tab if the user only adds, modifies, or deletes a value or values on an existing criteria. New values will create new cells with default cell codes and empty offer and treatment assignments. 

If the user adds a new criteria or deletes an existing criteria, this will rebuild the cell list and empty all cell assignments. The addition or deletion of criteria will completely rebuild the matrix.