Activity List in the New UE Home Page : possibility to have more than 4 activities in this list

Justine Pontoire 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated 10 months ago 9

In the new EU, the activity list in the home page displays only 4 activites. If users want to see all activities, he had to go in "Acitivity Management" and "Activities". Users want to be able to see more than 4 acitvities in this list in the Home Page. It would be more practical for them. 

In release 104 we renamed the current "My Activities" to "My Recent Activities." I'm hoping that has cleared up some of the confusion mentioned below. In release 105 we released a new card called "My Activities". This card shows all activities where the logged in user is the activity owner or the activity administrator. Activities there will be able to be filtered and sorted. Has the addition of this card met some of the requirements you mentioned below?

Yes, the addition of this card met the requirements i mentioned. 

Agreed as well, it's almost as if someone mixed up "Recent Activities" and "My Activities" from the legacy functionality.  Either way, we've lost the functionality we used to have with "My Activities" and many of our users rely on that functionality for Activity/Project management.  

I agree with everyone's comments.  I doesn't make sense to call it My Activities, when it shows the last 4 accessed.  And we need to be able to see more than 4.  A similar list to the Legacy UI would be needed to be useful.

Agree on all accounts. Our users typically have an average of 80+ projects. Listing only 4 is not helpful. And those four currently can't be filtered to be the owner. They don't show the user "My Projects" as the title of the card notes, but rather whatever are the last 4 you searched regardless of owner.

I agree with Justine. We would like to see this increased as well.

As part of our regular business processes, users may have average of 25 -125 open Activities.
Users regularly rely on the ability to see, filter and prioritize all of these Activities from the legacy Aprimo Home Page in the My Activities section.

This existing functionality is critical, especially during our busy season.

Having a limit of only 4 Activities available in the Activity Card impacts our productivity and ability to prioritize and process work.

We are suggesting to increase the number of Activities in the Activity Card from 4 to 200.

There's a lot of confusion in users mind with this feature at first and I can add that users expect to see here the activity where they are owner or administrator or just where they do have task to process. This obviously means having settings for that and / or maybe the choice having two activity panls/gridsl here : Current activities (lately accessed Activities) and My Activities (Activitiers where users are in charge or having tasks to process). The number of four activities is also a little bit low and I totally agree with Justine on this enhancement.

We also need the ability to configure what activities we see, not just have it default to the last 4 viewed.  If you were referencing an older activity, it doesn't necessarily mean you want to track it and have it usurp a place in the card.