Help text on system fields

Brad McClure 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Mary Roberts 4 weeks ago 10

We would like to have the ability to add help text to the system fields in the activity and project objects.  This would allow us to provide better direction on the base fields and how we want our users to populate the data to reduce incorrect data entry.

As we have been discussing this internally I have a question on the base attributes and help text.  If you could change the label of the base fields would that remove the need to have Help text for it?  Is the issue here that you need help text in order to explain what the field mean in your companies terms?  For example: would you need help on the Project Anchor Date field if you could just rename it to like "Launch Date" or whatever fit your business?

Or would you be putting more actual instructions into the help?

I am guessing the answer will be both but just wondering if we allowed for some of these base fields to be included in our terminology page would that be a start?

Hi Eric, I think being able to update the label name of the field could be a good start. But I do think the field name and help text go hand in hand.  

For my users it's both initial training and ongoing reminders of what each of the fields represents.  I have many users that are not in the tool day and and day out where repetition ingrains what each field means. But then I also have users who are in the tool quite a bit and are still not consistent with the data that they input.  Does adding a question mark and help text to each of the fields solve that issue?  Maybe??  Maybe not.  But at least as an admin, I've done my job to give my users all the resources and info they need in the context of the tool that they are using so they can efficiently do their jobs.

Happy to jump on a call to provide more detail and context if needed.

The ability to change the label of the base field(s) would certainly help, but some fields still need to have Help text to clarify instructions, where needed.

For us at Teradata, the Activity Fields would be the minimum.  But as we evaluate using more of the Aprimo tools, I think it would be valuable to be able to add Help Text in the other objects. It will assist us in getting users more comfortable quicker in learning new process flows.

We would also like to see this capability for proposals.  Issues with users inputting information incorrectly would be reduced by adding the ability to include custom Help text for field objects including custom attributes.  This is especially true when the resposne wil impact the workflow which if not done properly can result in a support call or an item being rejected in review.  Haiving meta data embedded in the application will enable us to improve our overall data quality and from a  process governance perspective is a best practice.  Maybe this could be phased in to objects over time to enable you to get something implemented and see how it is used.

So I see several customers have all voted on this.  Do the other customers agree it would be just the main base Activity fields?  Are there other objects (Program, Projects?).  Would you want this same help text to show on a Work Request form if the activity base field was shown on it?

I think it would be smart to include the help text on the Work Request forms if the activity base field is shown on it as this is where all of our users start their Activities.


Is it a few specific fields?  Like Activity Title, Activity Type, Begin/End Date?

Challenge would be putting this everywhere verses maybe having a section in System Admin that let's you put Help text on a few key fields maybe?

In no particular order, here is a list of system fields that Teradata would want the option add help text to:





Campaign Type

Begin Date

End Date

Project Anchor Date

Parent Campaign (this may be called something different for Aprimo)

Controlling Account

This would be a very helpful function!  

As the System Admin, I'm responsible for training my users on how to use Aprimo.  Allowing System Admins, like myself, to add Help Text on base attributes gives us the ability to provide instruction or information to users in context of where the user is when they are using the tool vs. having to click off to a training document that I have created.  I know there is the option of clicking on help icon and being directed to the relevant help topics.  This is a good option, but not great as the user still has to do a bit of searching and clicking to find the right topic.  If the user is able to find the correct topic, the description of how to populate the base attribute is generic and not specific to my company.  

Also as Brad stated, this will also help our users to populate the data correctly and avoid bad data entry.