Help text on system fields

Brad McClure 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 3 months ago 2

We would like to have the ability to add help text to the system fields in the activity and project objects.  This would allow us to provide better direction on the base fields and how we want our users to populate the data to reduce incorrect data entry.


Is it a few specific fields?  Like Activity Title, Activity Type, Begin/End Date?

Challenge would be putting this everywhere verses maybe having a section in System Admin that let's you put Help text on a few key fields maybe?

This would be a very helpful function!  

As the System Admin, I'm responsible for training my users on how to use Aprimo.  Allowing System Admins, like myself, to add Help Text on base attributes gives us the ability to provide instruction or information to users in context of where the user is when they are using the tool vs. having to click off to a training document that I have created.  I know there is the option of clicking on help icon and being directed to the relevant help topics.  This is a good option, but not great as the user still has to do a bit of searching and clicking to find the right topic.  If the user is able to find the correct topic, the description of how to populate the base attribute is generic and not specific to my company.  

Also as Brad stated, this will also help our users to populate the data correctly and avoid bad data entry.