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New UI - Saved view access

bart.theys 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 4 months ago 4


In assets studio, a user has can use saved views & collections. Very useful is that those groups of assets can also be shared on individual user level (and not users groups as is the case with spaces). At this moment, the new UI has no ability to share asset selections with other individuals in any way. This request is for the introduction of saved views &collections + the ability to share them with individual users as well as user groups.


We have it on the roadmap to move Collections and saved views - or also known as dynamic and static collections - in the new UI as well, as we don't see them as a replacement for spaces. And indeed, sharing with a user or user group, or a combination will be possbile.

I find this suggestion to be an excellent method for onboarding a new team member, sharing best practices or just communicating between teams.