Project Documents: Carrying a documents project association over to new projects through system automation

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We have current and future workflows that would benefit from system automation of carrying associated project documents to new projects. This enhancement will help with document organization, workflow flexibility and eliminating potential user errors.   

Example 1

When our re-approval projects launch at a specified time after every approved asset our users have to manually upload these associated assets to the re-approval project. With current functionality this requires our users to manually download assets from the original projects then upload the assets to re-approval projects. Automating the documents would eliminate manual downloads/uploads.

Example 2

We have a high volume review workflow that can require launching up to 52 projects from a single project. With current settings this requires our users to manually download assets from the original project then upload them to the newly launched projects in the same activity. Automating these documents would eliminate our manual downloads/uploads and remove the possibility of user error when handling documents between projects for asset promotion. 

Thank you!

Attachments Workflow

I agree with controlling this via Attachment Types to Copy!  This is an important feature for us as well.  And just to be clear, we'd need this to include ADAM assets, not just Aprimo local attachments.  thank you!

Sorry for not being more clear.  I always envisioned it to be a configuration setting that would be added to the existing status action to create a project.  So in that same row where you can pick the template, team, etc there is another field for "copy attachments" that is a "yes/no".  My question was is a "yes/no" good enough.  Sounds like you would want to pick an attachment types.  So maybe we add a field similar to the Project Fields to Copy" that is a "Attachment Types to Copy" where you can pick one or more attachment types?

Yes, if that is an option, I think a "Attachment Types to Copy" option would be very helpful. 

I agree that an "attachment types to copy" option in status action would be beneficial to our process and allows for flexibility in general.

I agree with Scott, I feel like the best place for this would be on the Status Action of launching a new project. Adding a new option to bring over associated project specific attachments. In addition to there, I think this same functionality would make sense when you manually copy the Project from the Activity Project List page. When you manually copy a project, you have a copy details page where you can modify title, template, activity, etc. Here I think it would be valuable to have that same switch. 

Just having the option would help tremendously, but I think the next level you could take this is being able to select the specific Attachment Types you want to bring over as well. Not sure how much bigger of an ask this would be, but if its not, then I think this would give you the entire flexibility you need when configuring a process. 

this all or none option would cause us issues.    Could this possibly be build as part of a status action to create new projects.    That way you could build a master workflow that would allow child to kick off with documents attached.


Would this be an all or none kind of switch?  So all documents visible to the current project would also be made visible to the newly created project as well.

I think it would make more sense for the action to have an Attachment Type selector, so you could select the Type of Attachments you would like to carry over.

Hi Eric,

It looks like all questions have been answered for this request. Do you need any further details from us or the other users who have commented?