Ability to make an attachment field required based on a form field picklist selection

Greg Milosovic 1 year ago in System Administration updated by Karthik Balakrishnan 5 days ago 11

Attachment field should have the ability to become required dynamically based on a form field picklist selection. 

E.g., I ask a requester via a single select picklist form field to tell me if an email they want to send to customers already exists. They have 2 options:

1.) No, but a zip file is attached

2.) Yes, it has been created in marketing automation platform

If the user selects #1 above, then the attachment field at the bottom of the form should become required. If they select #2, then the attachment field is either optional or, ideally, it would disappear. 

Attachments Configuration

Do we have any update on this?
is this feature in roadmap?

Adding a recent question from our main stakeholder group that is a good example of why this enhancement is needed. "

Is there a drop down we can add – that way people have to say ‘there is no creative for this project’? If there is creative than an upload is required?" 

It is not possible to always know whether or not an upload is required at a certain step. If the goal is to allow Aprimo to be more flexible, the ability to require (or not require) a document be uploaded based on an EA input is critical. This issue impacts the user experience in most of our processes. We are either forcing users to upload a document when it may not be necessary or opening up the risk of users closing a task without uploading a document when they should.

Very well said Joe.  One of the most clunky things that we deal with is when we are not able to define the single point where an attachment will be introduced into a workstream.  We end up building well it may be versioned and it more be uploaded.  Causes confusion and we often end up up duplicate attachments flowing through a workflow side by side

Has this request come up in discussions recently? Would love for this to be considered as a future enhancement.

Need this!!!  Simple scenario: Create vs revise requests.  Create requires a creative brief while revise does not.  If request type = Create, reflexively require the Creative Brief to be uploaded.  This will enable us to greatly reduce the number of work request forms and give the user a better experience

Anthem Medicare as a similar ask. We need the ability to append an extra 4-digit code to the main material ID code for select workflows. If a select workflow was chosen, this EA -- which exists on the HTML 5 New Attachment Screen -- would become required for uploading any document.


I understand the business use case but the configuration for this could be complicated to configure and validate.  Your example actually would want to force a document upload to be required based on a field value selection.  Would be interested in hearing from more customers on this.

We also have the same business need where the forms would be dynamic based off other EA field selections to then either be required or not required.  Additionally, it would be a great option to also allow ability to show or even hide the document upload based off EA selection as well.   Both options would help us not have to create or manage multiple tasks and have users respond to unnecessary tasks up front.

Understood. Will you be reaching out to other customers for feedback or are they expected to proactively find this request and comment?

It is a bit of both.  As I see ideas like this when talking with customers I will solicit feedback from them but also will look to see what other feedback or comments are made on this thread in Voice as well. 

We requested a similar enhancement for attachments: https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1181-dynamic-attachment-type-display. Any ability to dynamically show/restrict attachment types being displayed in a task will help us to clean up the Task Inbox for our users. Currently using a shared WF for multiple groups/channels results in a large number of unneeded attachment type upload options in each Task.