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Adam Asar 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 4 months ago 7 1 duplicate
More intuitive downloads - currently, the way to get to download with resizing is cumbersome. Everything should be part of the download option for single assets, rather than clicking More>More Download formats>Download resized. Doing this is bulk is even worse. Users have to fill out an order form that will error out if certain buttons aren't selected at the correct time. To support a master asset principle, users need to easily be able to transcode files upon download. This shouldn't require a special training document and follow-up calls to do so. This is critical item for us.
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Agreed - users love the New UI, but this is one of the things preventing full adoption.

I agree. We at SC Johnson, use old UI just because it has more core functionality and admin capabilities. We call it Power UI and Light UI for New UI. Eventually, the power of old UI will need to merge with New UI's enhancements to be useful for contributors and consumers alike. Not sure when this will happen but we look forward to seeing that happening soon.


This is behavior that we are redesigning in the new DAM UI