Add ability for contributors to select their landing page preference.

Greg Milosovic 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

Looks like only full users can make this selection. I have contributors who will work between DAM and PM so giving this power to the user would be nice.

UX Configuration

Would you really want the user to make this selection themselves?  Do you think they would want to change this or each user might have a different preference.  This can be set for them today by an admin and the thinking was based on their role in the system it would be preset for them.

We're rolling out to 1100+ marketers across the globe. Each region is at a different maturity level in terms of process, centralization, etc. As a result, roles will blend together for many users. There have already been about 40% of our 50 pilot users who have asked about this specific feature. I see many of our users splitting time between the PM module and the DAM. I'd like to leave this decision up to the user and not have to manually maintain user by user. Rather, creating a quick step by step guide and video showing users how they can control their experience would be a better option for Red Hat. Thanks for consideration!