Timeout for Pagehooks in DAM

Jake Vandevyvere 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 month ago 5

Would it be possible to allow the configuration of the pagehook timeout in the DAM? The use case is the following:

We have a custom release action that checks first whether a user is allowed to perform this action, and if he is, the asset is reclassified and the values for a number of fields are changed. When this custom release action is used on a lot of assets at the same time, we get a timeout error after 15 seconds. This is confusing for an end user, he just receives the timeout error, and does not know how the release action ended. There is no way to see that the custom action is continuing to run in the background, and he is not notified when it is done. It would therefore be useful to increase the timeout for this action, so that the UI hangs until the pagehook either ends or fails, and the end user knows the outcome of his action.

Alternatively, another option would be to customize the timeout message, so that we can give the end user a more informative message, or tell him to come back later and see if the action has succeeded.

API Rules / Actions Notifications

What is the approximate release date for this functionality? We have the same problems with page hooks and even with delay execution in rules: 15 sec for all rule actions :-(.

You should design the pagehook to work asynchronously and just respond back that you started processing. You can read more about this here:



In Assets it is already possible today to increase the timeout period. When custom actions will be added to DAM UI in the near future, this will also be supported.