New UI - multi level filtering

bart.theys 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Helene Andersson 4 weeks ago 4

In the old assets UI, there was a filter type "classification" filter. Although it does not really facet filter (with counts), it allows for typical hierarchical search cases on a  portion of the taxonomy (usually related to browse-style classification picklist field)

  • Projects/Campaigns/Campaign Year/Campaign Name 
  • Continent/Country. 
  • Asset Type/Asset Subtype
  • Products/ProductGroup/ProductSubgroup

The new DAM UI does not have a similar concept. Using multiple separate filters quickly blows up the number of filters on the left side and a bad user experience. Moreover, it is simply not always technically possible to configure this (e.g. 3-level hierarchy).

For this request we see two alternatives:
Either a similar filter component in new UI as the current classification filter in assets (initially collapsed, but allows for  a hierarchical refinement)
Either 'dependent' facet filters, that only appear once you have selected a value in the parent (e.g. when selecting Asset Type, the filter for asset subtype appears). 

    Classifications Search

    In this context we are interested in being able to add the Classification tree filter in a facet. Our users often search by location and do not necessarily know the name of a specific town or all the towns in a country. They therefore need to be able to click through levels. 


    Agreed. Can't promise this will be in 2019, but putting this on qualified anyway.

    Hi Petra

    Do you have any new information on this topic and planned go-live date?