Ability for Admins to set/update user OOO in emergency/unexpected situations

Shalini Arisam 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 1

Due to circumstances such as unexpected emergencies, computer issues and human error, teams have experienced multiple issues (6 instances in the past 6 months) with the Out of Office feature either not being set or being set for the wrong contact. Because of this, it would be extremely beneficial if Admin users had the ability to set or edit another team member’s Out of Office in addition to each user setting it for themselves.

We’ve found ways of working around this issue but the remedies are cumbersome and leave room for error. When we know that a team member will be out of office and discover that they’ve forgotten to set their Out of Office, we can either (1) monitor all of their jobs and manually reassign tasks as they arrive in their inbox or (2) reassign the entire job to a new contact. The second option is seemingly easier but introduces other issues; we have to remember to reassign all of the jobs back to the original team member and we can’t safeguard against old jobs that come back as change requests. If an old job comes back as a change request, we have to verify the roles while processing the request and wouldn’t know who we should reassign it to. This introduces concern of jobs getting missed / not worked on, potentially missing SLAs.

Another issue is that you can’t set your own Out of Office if you’ve been selected as another person’s Out of Office. If the Admin users could set / edit this feature, we could reassign the first user’s settings and allow the second user to set their own Out of Office. 

Caring for OOO related issues becomes even more difficult for Admins especially during holiday seasons supporting 800+ active user base and there are multiple such instances. Admins spend un-necessary time doing something that the system is capable of managing easily if they had the ability to set the OOO in emergency situations.