Classification list fields should be in separate columns in the export metadata report

Zack Davis 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 8 months ago 9

This request is coming from Schneider Electric. The Export Metadata report from the DAM UI (select records > Export Metadata), combines all classifications, with their path, in the classifications column (column B). The request is to break out the classification list field values into separate columns - like all of the other data types. This would give every selection value its own column on the report, and would provide an easier way to filter on classification list fields. 

Orders / Sharing Reporting / Analytics

We would find this very useful, as mentioned below by other it can be a pain for users. Is there any update on when this will be in place?

We haven't been able to allocate this to a team yet. Once we can we will have more concrete timing info.

This is a big pain point for many of our users. Especially Librarian and power users.

I agree with Kerry, both the request detailed above, as well as the ability to mass change data and re import.  This would be extremely helpful with cleanup.  

My safest guess would be H1 2020. But we can only commit once this is assigned to a team and this status is changed to Committed.

Very essential feature to have. 

SC Johnson has the same requirement.  In the Export Metadata Excel file, it would be VERY beneficial to have the classification list fields show in their own unique column.  Nested values may have to be broken out into unique columns to isolate each "value".  Moreover, this Excel file could then be used for editing with the intent of ingestion back into the DAM via a bulk metadata stamping/update function (which is also another Aprimo Voice request) where a csv/Excel file could be used to update many DAM records all at once with each record having disparate values.