Support for links to generate Outlook email to specific recipient

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 12 months ago 6

We are hoping to utilize either Admin Message or User Link Card to populate an Outlook email using the formatting: "mailto" (i.e. mailto:Aprimo_Support@comcast.com ).

This will be part of Release 105. We will add another string format: @@A~Title~mailto:name@domain.com~@@ to support an email link in the Admin message

This would be very helpful for my clients as well. They find they would like to put in the their support desk email address in there and it would be nice if the user could select it, instead of copy pasting. 

I created the below request for the same thing, so that can be closed as a duplicate. 



So the use case is to have the email address be a clickable link that would pop open a new email message going to that address.  Similar to how if you click on the Admin or Owner fields of an Activity on the Activity View Page it opens an email box to them?

Exactly - ideally we could have the link appear with a custom title rather than the email address (i.e. Support) but any ability to include a link to an email would benefit us.