Allow re-classification of an asset directly on the Browse page

Wingate Grant 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 11 months ago 3

When viewing a selection of records in the DAM on the Browse page, specifically in the Preview display mode, it would be extremely beneficial to have the ability to add/remove classifications directly on the Browse page.  Currently, the user has to open the file from the Browse page, select Edit, and then select Manage classifications in order to add/remove classifications.  Being able to add/remove classifications for a file directly from the Browse page would significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to update the classifications that a file is assigned to.

Fields / Attributes Classifications

Closed as no response was received to clarify this use case.

In Review

In what circumstances would you change classification. Is this something you need for instance to archive something or to change a status? or is this really about managing the categorization of assets?