Asset/Attachment Review History - One click button to show all review history across different versions of that record

Richard Heynes 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Sue Davies 8 months ago 6

Would like the ability to quickly and easily view all review comments and vote decisions against a document.

Two use cases I can think of. In a project, a document may be reviewed by multiple roles and at different stages of the process, it can sometime be useful for these roles to view previous comments and review outcomes. These reviews may happen with other tasks in between and it is currently not so simple to try and expose this information...if at all possible.

Secondly, I'm a PM, or campaign owner, or perhaps a sys admin and I've been asked a question about the review process of a particular asset, this may be for an audit, having the ability to very quickly see this information straight from the asset record would save a lot of time I feel.

Think the versioning timeline on a DAM record, but with review comments, outcomes and usernames and dates on when these occurred across the various versions. Or something simpler would also suffice, just the ability to get this information quickly and straight from the record would be great!

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We would find this very useful at Lloyds.

This would be beneficial to both the Full & Contributor users.  We had to setup reports for our users to see this type of information.  But our users have been requesting this for a long time now.

this would be helpful to our users in the event of an audit to be able to produce in a quick summary of the results of approvals and what they were.


Who would have access to view this information?  Is this more for a PM or for someone completing a task?  The concern here is that some customers may not want all users to be able to look back across all versions and see all comments.  If some of those comments are legal/compliance related they may not want an agency or creative users to be able to see them.  So would be helpful to provide some context on who this information is for and what permission would be wanted around it. 

We have a customer in Spain who would really benefit from this. From their perspective, they hit some product limits on EAs so need a consolidated view of the flow of commentary and documents through their processes (upload comments, review comments and vote results, comments captured via basic tasks).

Rights to this could be controlled via Activity access lists? And/or made available on tasks in the same way review comments are?

In my view, I see this as a domain right almost, as I agree, not everyone will want everyone to have this ability. If you have the domain right, as well as access to the asset/object through the normal channels (access lists etc) then I think that would work.

You may have a reviewer, this could be the PM themselves or a senior manager in some cases, that has the final approval before publishing, it can be useful for this role/user to see all of the previous history of the document, something you may not want the previous users/review roles in the process to see.

And I think this would also work in my more ad hoc example as well, whether it's a sys admin type role or even asset owner who would already have that traditional access to the record itself, with a domain right they could also see the history to deal with any queries that may come in around the asset and the approval process it went through.

I see this being stored on the record itself, so you may not have a direct button on a task....but a quick click into "View details" of the record and you then might have a click to get this info, for example. If I imagine anything is possible then maybe you'd have the "View review history" in the file sub-menu alongside "view details", "add version" etc which you can see straight from the task inbox on the file.