Shareable links to users who are not in DAM

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Shareable links - share assets with users who are not Aprimo users/who do not normally have access to those files if you share a collection link. Currently, if I share a collection with a user who does not have rights to see all files in that collection, the user only sees some of what I intended to share. In order to share the non-accessible assets, we have to circumvent the system; downloading them and sending by email, which is not traceable.

It would be more secure to facilitate this in DAM. If I have rights to something and I send it as a collection, the system should trust that I am taking responsibility for sending those files, and send them. This wouldn't give the end user perpetual rights to see these assets, but it would allow a one-time send.

This is becoming more critical as users seek ways to make our new logo, for example, available to non-DAM users. Without this feature, some assets will need to be stored in numerous systems in order to make them accessible to everyone who needs them. This increases the risk of error and of files getting out-of-sync with the master.

Orders / Sharing

The reason why this was declined was because of the mixture of use cases and requirements, but short term we plan to add the e-mail download link to the new DAM UI as configurable action.

That's great news!  Is there an established or estimated timeline projected for this release?

Before end of Q2/2020

Hi Petra,

I see this request was rejected, but this functionality is definitely desired, especially for the New UI.  Simply put, the ideal functionality is to have an action that in one click will generate a link that will download whatever assets you currently have selected.  The use case is partially solved in Assets shown below, but I don't see anyway to share a group of assets in the New UI.

Existing functionality:  In assets, you can select a number of assets across multiple classifications that you would like to share.  Once you have your selection, there are two ways to generate a direct download link that anyone can use to download the assets.

1. Share email with download link:  This works but we actually use the link as a record log in our internal workflow so the time used to fill this out plus the delay for the email to generate does end up derailing some work.

2. Order email download link:  This process ends up being more clicks, but actually will generate the download link in the UI itself after completing the order.  We use this in assets now because it is faster, but the extra clicks still deters users.

Requested Functionality:  Allow a configurable Basket action in the New UI that will generate a link to download all assets existing in your basket.  I understand right now basket actions all have to be made custom.  If this will not work but there is another way to execute this functionality it would be a Huge win.


There is a mixture of different use cases in this thread.

As the original creator did not respond to ourrequest for clarification on the duality, i would like to close this voice thread down as I'm not 100% clear on the original ask.

Katie, can you start a new voice ticket with your specific use case/ ask ( sharing a group of assets with users who are not registered?).

To give you some insight on the conflicting needs we need to try to consolidate:

- on one hand i read that we need more trace-ability for download after e-mail (i agree btw)

- on the other hand  i read we need to allow multiple non-DAM users to consume one link, but this equally untraceable to the current e-mail link

So these are really 2 separate asks.

A workaround for the second ask, available today, is that a user can create a download order and use that download link to share. These download links remain available for 7 days and expire automatically. Same as for e-mail.

Sorry to chase, but Nord Anglia is asking for an update on if this feature is going to be approved /qualified.



Also – just to follow up the detail on this –

The functionality you mentioned below requires you to type in an email address, rather then receive a link in which you can share with many. This would be the ideal functionality as only sharing via typing in email addresses limits how this can be used. As an example my colleague has asked me for the link of the brand guidelines for an agency he is working with. So I want to share the link with him, for him to pass over easily. It would be much easier if I can simply send the link in an email myself, using a Share feature to copy the link to my clipboard.

Equally there appears to be functionality in the consumer UI to share – but the link that is generated requires you to be a logged in user? It would make sense for this to generate a shareable link to anyone that needs the asset.


My customer, Nord Anglia, would like this feature for Consumers as well, is this in the roadmap? 

Currently a one time send is covered by e-mailing a download link to the non-DAM user. Can you be more specific why this one-time sent is not sufficient for your use case?