Ability to maintain old versions of assets and associated attributes and metadata.

Adam Asar 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 4

Ability to maintain old versions of assets and associated attributes and metadata. Log all changes (Asset change history) and run reports on the changes as needed.


Today we offer a view on the file versioning using a timeline where we show the date and who changed it and also a thumbnail of the fileversion (when it was changed). 

You can also use our reporting framework to report on who changed files, and when.

Pretty soon (est July 19) you will have an accessible audit trail which will provide you insights on all file or metadata changes on the content item.

Because we cover the tracking of versions and the historic changes i will put this one on 'Done'.

If our current solution still has a gap to your needs, for instance you would want to be able to see the thumbnails of the version history separately, then i would advise to log a specific voice request for that topic so users can vote.

File versioning:

The agencies and internal design team that support packaging need to see previous versions of a package when developing new ones, to see how the design has evolved over time. Being able to access something like the version timeline in a size larger than thumbnail (ideally, with zoom) is important to help them do their jobs.

We need to report on who versions files and when to make sure people are versioning files appropriately.

Metadata versioning:

When the admin team catches inconsistencies in metadata, we struggle to determine who made the change and when. Having this available in reports would help our metadata QA process.

Can you give us some more insight on the use of this report?

Are you looking for an audit trail on the asset?