Check and convert special characters into a uniform character

Adam Asar 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated 1 year ago 5

Check and convert special characters into a uniform character

Can you give us some more information on the specific use case? are you referring to file names, metadata and/or the search experience?

This may be an artifact for on-prem only.  For example, when typing an apostrophe into a Windows application, the operating system converts an apostrophe to ASCII code 0146 (’).  However, when entering an apostrophe within a text editor, the apostrophe is interpreted as ASCII code 0039 (').  It seems that our on-prem ADAM UI is not able to properly display the apostrophe associated to ASCII code 0039 (').  This seems to exist with Dynamic Option Lists where values are entered directly into a SQL database table and retrieved dynamically and then displayed incorrectly in the on-prem UI as in the screenshot supplied by Adam Asar.  I was able to confirm that ASCII code 0039 (') appears correctly in the cloud UI.  As such, this issue may be resolved already.  Are there perhaps other characters that can be entered on a regular keyboard that cannot be displayed properly in the cloud UI?

Attached is just one of an image of how and apostrophe shows up. If Aprimo DAM can not properly display a character, why does it let us to enter it?